I want everyone to know prism tats tours without a drum kit or guitar amp and instead bestow the responsibility of hauling and maintaining these pieces of gear on the bands they play with, whom they have never met

also, they’re a 2 piece  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I used to hate getting boners in public, now it just makes me feel powerful 😎

writing awful poetry



thats me playing bass in the cowboys at walmart this past friday.


what if I could skate


Rob of New Lungs

my son



This is actually exactly how I see my rig being in a few years.
Beam us up, Mr. Scott.
ProGuitarShop posted this on their Facebook page, doesn’t really seem to be any info about it.
But I kinda like it like that.


Pretty sure this is a space station

wow this is the duel disk of pedalboards

LOMA PRIETA + FUCKING INVINCIBLE = FUCKING PRIETA. Trilogy 6 collaboration set at Bridgetown DIY. La Puente, CA. Photo by Daniel Torres. 

I stepped into bridgetown while it was empty on tour and envisioned this pic in my head